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"I read this book this year and really enjoyed it, I laughed out loud multiple times and it brought back a lot of memories for me.  I asked Alex Pucacco some questions about the book after I read it and thought I would include them here.  I really think this is a great read for wind industry vets and new comers, I'm excited to be able to sell them here on the TCGM store."  Neal Gyngard 

Neal: Introduction. Why don’t you introduce yourself?

Alex: I’m Alex Pucacco. I’ve been working in wind for over a decade now. Did a shitty engineering degree, trained at California Wind Tech then joined a gearbox consultancy. Just like yourself Neal I was climbing GE1.5s and Siemens 2.3s.  

Neal: How did you come up with the idea for the book?

Alex: Around 2015 I was at a bar in Abilene shooting the shit with some techs swapping stories and and was just crying with laughter at these misadventures. Shit stories, pranks, truck rescues, guns the lot. 

Neal: So the stories are all true?

Alex: Yeah. From then on, every nacelle, warehouse, strip club, bar and site office I started collecting these turbine tales from the people I met. Tech stories from 21 states in the US, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe some going back as far as the 80s. After a few years I had over 50 stories that I threaded through the tale of a wind turbine apprentice, Aaron, and his journey starting out in wind. All the stories, places, and people are real. I’ve anonymized the characters to protect the innocent.

Neal: Who’s the book for?

Alex: Anyone with a childish sense of humour and a passing affection for wind turbines.