Cresto Fusion Pro Wind 1138 Harness

Cresto Fusion Pro Wind 1138 Harness

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A significant focus has been placed on creating well-suited and relevant features that make work in wind turbines safer and more efficient. The front connection point of the harness is suitable for helicopter lifting. It's important for us to offer a safety harness that works well throughout all the challenges a wind turbine provides. Robust components have supplemented the harness to meet an ANSI certification.

Fusion Pro Wind has excellent comfort and fits the body perfectly. The belt can be adjusted up and down along the webbing. We offer the harness in the sizes S/M and L/XL with flexible and easily adjustable options to get the best possible fit.

The harness is designed to enable the user to work ergonomically no matter where they are. With the aid of a cleverly designed construction, the weight is distributed throughout the body, even during physical work.

The D-rings have a protective coating, and the rear anchorage point is self-luminous and is therefore also suitable for work in low-light environments. Like our other premium harnesses, we have used polyester bands with the highest quality and durability, and our steel components come from leading quality suppliers.